Twitch Commands

These commands can be utilized during my live streams via twitch
. This list is current as of (3/23/2019).

  • !uptime (tells you how long I've been live)
  • !cc
  • !troll (to give a quick answer to trolls on why I don't give a f---)
  • !lurk
  • !social
  • !website
  • !play (for my steam profile to play Dead by Daylight)
  • !stardust (stream currency)
  • !gg (triggers Dva's GG voice line)
  • !fuckedup (triggers a cute song about how much I hate myself)
  • !wow (triggers Eddy Wally's wow)
  • !jeff (triggers Jeff from the Overwatch team)
  • !boo (triggers "boo, you suck!")
  • !freerealestate (triggers free real estate meme)
  • !join (to join the Boss Battle)
  • !boss (to start the Boss Battle)
  • !quack (triggers duck sound)
  • !giveaway
  • !quote (gives random quote)
  • !thanatophobia
  • !360 (headphone user warning)
  • !wotd (word of the day)
  • !project (my current writing project)


Ready your weapons, soldiers. There's a beast threatening our land! 

The boss battle text is written by me, taking place in a world I created in the wonderful forest of Oonai. Oonai is the oldest tree of the world, one sacred and believed to be the gateway toward the afterlife. It is known to be one of the safest places for the star-born (children of the stars), but a beast has taken shelter in a cave nearby and threatens to terrorize and destroy the beloved forest. Gather an army to take on this beast and keep Oonai's forest safe.


Within Oonai's forest, their are firefly-like orbs called Starlights. They are the spirits of those before that stay to give back to the forest they called home. Because of their usefulness, shadows have been known to steal these Starlights and keep them for themselves as slaves. This heist focuses on stealing them back and releasing them back to their home in Oonai's forest for a hefty reward (in stardust, the stream's currency).