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A murdered Queen.
A Deadly Pirate Captain.
A Misunderstanding.
A Fatal Scheme.

After obtaining her deceased father's treasure, Ailyn, the only female Pirate Captain in the world of Enia and her crew celebrate in the city of Crysalis. When circumstance happens to pique her curiosity, she is thrown into the middle of an assassination of the Queen of Anaria. Before the royal bloodline ends, the Queen takes her last breath and sends Ailyn on a mission to find a suitable ruler for the kingdom, but it seems that the people of Anaria have misunderstood, deeming the Pirate Captain as their new Queen. What they don't know about their new Queen is best to stay a secret. Should they find out about her true title, they would surely kill her.

Being a Queen isn't easy when you haven't been trained since birth -- especially when you've grown up raised by the kingdom's most notorious pirates. That won't stop Ailyn from trying to keep the Kingdom from falling apart under her grasp.

When word reaches the other kingdoms in Enia, an invisible bounty is placed on her head. Someone wants her dead and most likely, it's the same person who killed the former Queen. It's up to Ailyn and her crew to find out who the killer is without losing their lives whether by the hand of an assassin or the kingdom's people.

If they found out her secret, Anaria as everyone knows it will cease to exist.

Inspired by Sarah J. Maas' Throne of Glass series.