TWC's First Book: Risen from Darkness & Ash

Just this morning, I finally picked one of the four ideas I've had for books. I forgot to last night because once I got off of work, my brain decided to stop working. I took my time throwing them around to mix them up while not looking before I pulled the very first idea I'll begin working on for Camp NaNoWriMo in July.

Out of the four, I ended up picking the most recent of ideas I had; a Young Adult Fantasy story titled, Risen from Darkness & Ash. This idea contains shapeshifting dragons, magic, curses, and more! While I don't necessarily have a summary for it just yet (summaries are the bane of my existence), I do have a sneak peek (first draft) you guys can read to learn a bit more about the book itself.


I didn't mean to kill them. All I remember was the fighting, the stress, a sudden lance of pain ripping through my brain like a splintering crack, the horror upon their faces, and then nothing. When I came to, there was so much blood. Splatters, puddles, smears; a living nightmare right in front of me. A mess of shredded flesh and strings of, I don't even know, were scattered across the floor and pasted to the walls. Furniture was completely destroyed, wood splintered, glass shattered. My fogged mind cleared at the horrific scene before me, reminding me of the events that led up to this moment and my heart ignited, burning me from within.

Swallowing the hard lump in my throat, I dug my nails into my palms, some breaking against the force of it. Tears welled up along my eyes, not once giving me a chance to fight them before they dropped onto my shirt in a salted drizzle. You would think that upon finding that you had murdered two people you loved, you would feel guilty, but I didn't. No, instead, I was hollow -- angry and even as the police sirens wailed through the air, I stood in the massacre staring at the bits of what used to be familiar faces and wallowed in that anger. 

Why was I so mad?
Because this wasn't my fault. No, it was that damned witch's fault. Devil, witch, whatever she was, it was HER fault. 

She MADE me into a monster and why?
Because I was a spoiled, rude child and I gave no care in how I treated people. 

I deserved a curse, but did I deserve a curse that drove me to kill my parents? 


Check out the playlist (that's currently unfinished) for the book! I'll be adding more songs as I find them. These songs have helped inspire the story behind the idea itself. 

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  1. O_O Your story sounds amazing! Can;t wait to read more!
    Checking the playlist soon ^_^